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ERC grant boosts Irma Querques's DNA broadcasting research

16.09.2023 09:45

Branco Weiss Fellow Irma Querques, from the Max Perutz Labs in Vienna, has been chosen as a recipient of a prestigious Starting Grant by the European Research Council (ERC). Dr. Querques explores the uncharted territory of DNA broadcasting using transposons – DNA sequences that move from one location on the genome to another. Her work builds upon her extensive prior research, focusing on the potential of transposons to transfer and modify genetic information across living organisms. The project she submitted, named “BROADCAST”, represents a significant leap forward in genome plasticity and engineering. “The grant will support our goal to broaden our knowledge and the technological potential of transposons,” Dr. Querques says. “We are looking forward to BROADCAST new insights into the fascinating biology of mobile DNA to the scientific community.”

The ERC Starting Grants are a component of the EU’s Horizon Europe research and innovation initiative. In 2023, 400 Starting Grants were endowed to young scientists and scholars across Europe with a cumulative budget of 628 million euros, empowering researchers like Dr. Querques to embark on transformative journeys.

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