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Applications for the 2024 fellowship are now closed.

Before applying, please read the Frequently Asked Questions and Guidelines on this website carefully.

If you are interested to apply for the 2025 fellowship you will need to have the following material and information ready for your online application starting October 2024:

  • Letter of motivation including a statement explaining why your research differs from the mainstream (max. 1 page)
  • Your proposed research project (max. 5 pages, including abstract, timelines, tentative milestones and references)
  • Your CV (max. 4 pages)
  • An invitation letter by your prospective host, stating why you are invited to the host group and why your research project is supported
  • Copies of your three best publications (no doctoral theses, no books, only peer-reviewed journal articles or individual book chapters)
  • 5 reviewer suggestions (to be entered directly in the online application)


Please note that a letter of support does not have to be submitted upon application. Budgets do not have to be submitted.

The steps required to submit an application in the web-based ETH Zurich grant application system ‘eResearch’ are outlined here.

In preparing the description of your intended research, you may wish to give emphasis to the idea or concept forming the heart of the work, the methods you are planning to use, and the potential impact of the outcome both for your own subject and for other disciplines. In your proposal, you should also seek to present links between society and science that you wish to explore and promote.

All documents must be submitted as PDF files (max. 15 MB in total). Please use the following naming conventions for your documents and do not forget to add your family name:

  • FamilyName_ResearchProposal
  • FamilyName_CV
  • FamilyName_MotivationLetter
  • FamilyName_HostLetter
  • FamilyName_Publication1
  • FamilyName_Publication2
  • FamilyName_Publication3