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Fellow and Alumni Network

Fellows and alumni of the Branco Weiss Fellowship benefit from a network of like-minded peers across disciplines and around the world. The map below indicates the places of research and, where applicable, also the location of fieldwork for the current fellows as well as for former fellows. Click the number tags on the map and zoom to individual fellows’ locations. The second tab gives access to a map showing the places where Branco Weiss Fellows and Alumni received their first academic degree.

Research Locations | Institutions of first academic degree
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The network is built and reinforced by annual symposia in Switzerland, where all fellows get together to discuss their personal research, and various social and scientific issues, across their particular discipline. Alumni are welcome to attend the annual meeting in perpetuity and, in certain cases, may specifically be invited to participate in the meeting to (for example) organize a workshop, give a lecture, or chair a symposium. Ideas for such events are always welcome and can be sent to George Slavich, Director of the Branco Weiss Alumni Network. Current fellows and alumni fellows are alsoencouraged, at any time, to suggest any other alumni network activities that they believe would serve to further enhance the fellowship and network.

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Society in Science through the eyes of a fellow.