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Branco Weiss Lecture 2018

Tales from the Frontiers of Physics

Physics is an ongoing quest to understand the mysteries of nature.

The First Branco Weiss Lecture took place on Monday, November 19, 2018 at ETH Zurich. In this event, Branco Weiss Fellows Xavier Dumusque, Fabian Menges, Igor Pikovski, Amar Vutha and Tevong You showed how physics continues to transform scientific understanding and human society. In fifty minutes, they took listeners from the infinitesimal to the infinite, from the known to the unknown,

Watch the videos of the lecture to share in the excitement of pursuing questions at the frontiers of our understanding.


Welcome and Introduction

Lecture by Branco Weiss Fellows

Discussion with the Branco Weiss Fellows on physics and the effect of the Branco Weiss Fellowship on their career