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The University of Basel appoints Murielle Delley as Assistant Professor

06.12.2022 10:36

The University Council of the University of Basel, Switzerland, has appointed Branco Weiss Fellow Murielle Delley as Assistant Professor of Inorganic Chemistry with tenure track. She will take up her new position on February 1, 2023.

Murielle Delley, who is a Branco Weiss Fellow since 2020, has been working as a research group leader at the University of Basel since October 2020 and as an assistant professor of chemistry since April 2021. Her research is at the intersection of surface chemistry, inorganic chemistry, materials chemistry and catalysis. In her research project for the fellowship, Murielle Delley aims to develop abundant inorganic materials as selective catalysts in chemical transformations, and examine electric fields as external control on catalysis for a customizable production of chemicals. Her goal is to achieve sustainable chemical processes.

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