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Daniel Bojar receives three grants for his research on the role of glycomes in lung cancer and breast milk

09.01.2024 14:17

Branco Weiss Fellow Daniel Bojar has been awarded grants from three Swedish foundations.

The Lundberg Foundation supports Dr. Bojar’s research on cancer-specific glycans with 4 million SEK (approx. 384’000 USD). The grant will be used to acquire a state-of-the-art mass spectrometer that is exceptionally suited as a platform for AI-guided high-throughput glycomics, using in-house software developed by Dr. Bojar’s research group. “By integrating the mass-spectrometer with the advanced AI and deep machine learning that my group has developed, we will create a closed-loop workflow of glycomics analysis with unparalleled sensitivity and analysis speed,” Daniel Bojar explains. It would be the first high-throughput and high-resolution glycomics platform found in Sweden. With an additional grant of 600’000 SEK (approx. 57’000 USD) by the Jeansson Foundations, Dr. Bojar will be able to finance the measurement of saliva samples within this research project.

The third grant is given to Dr. Bojar by the Hasselblad Foundation. The foundation’s grant for young researchers in natural sciences amounts to 1 million SEK (approx. 96’000 USD). The money will support Dr. Bojar’s continued research on unexplored sugar molecules found in mammalian breast milk and will be used to fund a position within the project called LactoExplorer. “Our goal is to learn more about the biodiversity of these molecules in breast milk, especially those connected to the immune system. We need people power to keep this ongoing project running, and I am therefore very grateful for this grant from the Hasselblad Foundation,” says Daniel Bojar.

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