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The mutability of knowledge – Das Magazin portrays Karim Bschir

17.10.2016 17:49

Das Magazin, the weekly supplement to Tages-Anzeiger, one of Switzerland’s most important newspapers, in its latest issue portrays Branco Weiss fellow Karim Bschir. The article titled “Die Wandelbarkeit des Wissens” (the mutability of knowledge) is part of an extensive piece about ETH Zurich. The journalist is looking for an answer to the question why ETH Zurich belongs to the best universities worldwide, ranking ninth in the Times Higher Education ranking and eighth in the QS ranking. Karim Bschir is one of eight researchers portrayed.

Bschir’s research is at the center of ETH’s Critical Thinking initiative. The goal of this initiative is to train ETH Zurich students to think critically and independently to help Switzerland maintain its competitive position globally. During the course of their education they should not only acquire methodological competences and disciplinary knowledge, but also be given the opportunity to address interdisciplinary and system-oriented issues.

Read the article on the Das Magazin website (only in German)