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Sushant Anand’s recent research on nanoemulsions gains widespread media attention

09.07.2018 15:36

Branco Weiss Fellow Sushant Anand and his team have recently shown how they can create ultra-small (100-400 nm in sizes) nanoemulsions – e. g. oil-water mixtures – formed by self-assembly of nanoparticles around droplets. A paper recently published in the journal ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces has gained coverage in the media. Dr. Anand’s newly developed method produces nanoemulsions in a single step rather than in multiple steps as would be the traditional way. Thus, the new technique makes production faster and more energy efficient. By cooling oil down below the dew point, water will condense on the oil. If the oil has the right properties and a sufficient concentration of nanoparticles, the water drops will self-disperse within the oil and nanoparticles will self-assemble around them thereby producing a nanoemulsion.

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