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Society in Science Selects Three New Fellows

28.08.2010 18:13

The Branco Weiss Fellowship announces Reinette Biggs, Arko Ghosh and Aoife O’Donovan as new fellows.

Dr. Reinette Biggs, born in Namibia and being a South African, today conducts her research at the Stockholm Resilience Centre where she focuses on the dynamics of human/environmental interrelations. In her research she examines abrupt, persistent, non-linear changes – so-called regime shifts – that can arise in complex social-ecological systems. She is anxious to find out how such shifts may be better anticipated and managed.

Dr. Arko Ghosh was born in India and is now doing research at the Institute of Neuroinformatics at ETH and at University Zurich. His primary research interest lies within the cerebral cortex. As a Branco Weiss Fellow, he will explore how mental processes and motor behavior, involving the cerebral cortex, can be influenced by sensory information from the body. His research will be conducted at laboratories in Zurich and London, thus combining the resources of two leading academic environments.

Dr. Aoife O’Donovan was born in County Cork in Ireland and today does her research in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of California San Francisco. Her postgraduate research focused on uncovering relationships between psychosocial and biological factors that index and influence biological aging. As a Branco Weiss Fellow, Aoife O’Donovan will work on elucidating the mechanisms of psychological stress effects on biological aging.

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