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Society in Science selects four new fellows

26.07.2011 13:53

The Branco Weiss Fellowship announces Daniela Andres, Josiane Broussard, Adrian Künzler and Saskia van Manen as new fellows.

Dr. Daniela Andres was born in Argentina. As a Branco Weiss fellow, Andres will investigate the way in which both the state of consciousness and the presence of Parkinson’s disease affect the structure of the neural code in the basal ganglia. In addition she will consider the implications this has for Deep Brain Stimulation therapy.

Dr. Josiane Broussard was born in the USA. Dr. Josiane Broussard is working to examine the links between sleep restriction and/or disruption and the development of insulin resistance, increased circulating free fatty acids and diabetes.

Dr. Adrian Künzler was born in Switzerland and is currently at Yale Law School. Dr. Adrian Künzler is working to combine research at the law’s intersection with social sciences and economics to document the law’s role in promoting innovation and economic growth.

Dr. Saskia van Manen was born in the Netherlands. As a Branco Weiss fellow, van Manen will undertake research to quantify the impact of active volcanoes on their environment and local population, by tracking volcanic gases from source to sink. Target volcanoes for the research are in Costa Rica and Nicaragua.