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Simone Schürle receives a Zonta award for acheivements in science and technology

01.11.2019 17:37

Branco Weiss Fellow Simone Schürle has been awarded the Prix Zonta 2019 by the Swiss Zonta Clubs in recognition of her achievements in the field of science and technology. The Zonta Science Prize, endowed with 30,000 Swiss francs, is awarded every two years to women for their excellent achievements in scientific and technical fields. The aim is to encourage women to train and get involved in these areas. Zonta International is a global NGO dedicated to improving the status and lives of women.

Simone Schürle and her team at ETH Zurich develop tiny machines in the micro- or nanometer range for medical applications in the human body to help in diagnostics or to transport active substances into the tissue where they are needed. In addition, the researchers hope to investigate the development of metastases in cancer more closely.

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