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Simone Schürle makes the world a better place, says Focus magazine

14.01.2023 16:59

German news magazine Focus has named Branco Weiss Alumna Simone Schürle “one of 30 people who make the world a better place”. “Many people can build robots”, the article states, “but hardly anyone builds them as small as Simone Schürle-Finke (…). Schürle-Finke’s robots are covered with a metallic layer and are guided by magnets to the source of the disease. In this way, tumors, for example, can be targeted.” The article is the first in a series and gives a short introduction to some of the selected people. Detailed portraits will follow throughout the year. The plan is to portray German personalities from many different areas like science, society, sports and architecture who “break new ground, are free in spirit and set the pace today that will make the world a better place tomorrow. (…) 30 people who give us confidence”.

Dr. Simone Schürle’s research was also featured this month in Nature Review Bioengineering. The review covers a research article published by Schürle in October 2022 in ScienceRobotics (see the news item here).

Read the article in Focus (in German)

Read the review in Nature Review Bioengineering