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New York Times features Carolin Schurr as an expert in the Mexican surrogacy market

10.04.2017 12:07

The New York Times has published a lengthy piece on Mexico’s surrogacy market and recent legislative changes that try to limit access of foreigners to that market. The article features, among others, Branco Weiss fellow Dr. Carolin Schurr as an expert in the matter. Schurr has studied the rise, expansion and fall of the surrogacy market in the Mexican state of Tabasco for the last five years.

In Tabasco, surrogacy has been legal since 1997. In the last years it became a hub, first to gay and then to foreign would-be parents. But as of January 2016, new restrictions limit surrogacy to Mexican heterosexuals. This closed a lucrative door for hundreds of women in the state with the highest unemployment rate in Mexico. According to Carolin Schurr about 70 percent of Tabasco’s surrogacy clients were gay foreigners. While there was talk of putting an end to abuse in general through the new laws, she considers it to be a fig leaf for official unease with gay couples hiring Tabascan women. “It’s more about being against homosexual families,” the article quotes Schurr.

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