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Moritz Kraemer is a Leader to Watch 2022

24.02.2022 11:34

Branco Weiss Fellow Moritz Kraemer has been named a Leader to Watch 2022 by Google.org, recognizing Kraemer’s engagement in response to COVID-19. The award comes with an unrestricted financial support of 30,000 US-Dollar for personal or professional development and mentorship from senior leaders at Google.

Together with research collaborators from Oxford, Boston Children’s Hospital, Harvard, and many others, Kraemer launched the Global.health platform in February 2021, changing the way researchers predict and study outbreaks and helping governments and the public health community make more accurate predictions and understand the impact of policies retrospectively.

Recently, Moritz Kraemer has been named Associate Professor of Computational & Genomic Epidemiology at the Department of Zoology of the University of Oxford.

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