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Michael Nash appointed Assistant Professor at University of Basel and ETH Zurich

07.03.2016 17:14

Branco Weiss fellow Michael Nash has been appointed Tenure Track Assistant Professor for Engineering of Synthetic Systems with dual affiliation at the University of Basel (Department of Chemistry) and ETH Zurich (Department of Biosystems Science and Engineering, located in Basel). He will start work in Basel on September 1, 2016. The dual affiliation is part of the Swiss National Science Foundation’s Center for Research Competence in Molecular Systems Engineering.

Prof. Nash’s main research interests lie in understanding the molecular mechanisms that regulate the assembly and biological activity of multi-enzyme complexes. His goal is to develop biologically-inspired nanomaterials and functional nano biological devices.

He is currently leading an interdisciplinary research team at the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich that deals with cellulosomal nanomaterials and with the physics of single molecules.


Read the press release of the University of Basel (in German)