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Klaus Eyer is sharing DropMap technology for single-cell phenotyping

19.08.2020 13:38

Nature Protocols has published an article by Branco Weiss Fellow Klaus Eyer and academic partners detailing the manufacture, use and software involved in the DropMap technology. The paper describes the microfluidic platform, DropMap, and its use in applications to measure simultaneously the kinetics of secretion and other cellular characteristics, including expression of cell-surface markers, endocytosis and viability, from tens of thousands of single immune cells. The detailed protocol published, entitled “Dynamic Single-Cell Phenotyping of Immune Cells” will allow interested laboratories to implement functional single-cell analysis within their studies.

The power of the system lies in the analysis of function with single-cell resolution, and is useful to analyse and decipher immune reactions in disease or health, for vaccine development, the study of interactions between immune-modulatory drugs and the immune system, or even for patient stratification and personalized treatment. To be able to study immune reaction with single-cell resolution on all levels of functionality overcomes current limitations; and add to the already vast methodological pool that is at disposal. “Ultimately, the usefulness of any technology will be defined by its applications”, Klaus further elaborates. “There are many potential studies imaginable, and not all of them can and will be performed by my laboratory. The next logical step was to then share this technology with the research community so that other groups can profit from our work. Given the vast implications of health and disease on society, we hope to also give back to the community.”

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