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How to keep the neurotech revolution from creating Frankenstein brains

01.09.2017 14:54

Forbes has published an article co-authored by Branco Weiss Fellow Simone Schürle and two other members of the World Economic Forum’s Council on the Future of human Enhancement.

The article titled “The Neurotech Revolution Could Lead To ‘Frankenstein’ Brains. Here’s How We Avoid It” gives a an overview over the discussion in the Council about the opportunities and risks of Human Enhancement technologies. In a nutshell, the Council has thus far identified three characteristics Human Enhancement technology innovations should meet: 1) Increase functional abilities needed to improve quality of life across the life span; 2) Ensure durable and beneficial effects; 3) Transfer to wider societal benefits, helping make communities more inclusive, cohesive, and resilient. These three criteria would help secure that the developed technologies meet core ethical values, the authors write.

Finally, they conclude with a call to action and to join the discussion: “The engagement of the public in this conversation is more pressing than ever: it is not only for you, it is about you.”

Read the article on the Forbes website