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How big is the proton anyway?

12.09.2019 21:53

For almost a decade, there has been a serious disagreement in the physics community about one simple quantity: how large is a proton? Different ways of measuring the size of a proton — one using electrons, another using muons — gave results that disagreed by about 5 %. This 5 % disagreement was a big deal since each measurement claimed to be accurate to better than 1 %. It was unclear if this discrepancy was because of some genuinely weird physics, or because one of these measurements was incorrect.

Now, a careful high-precision measurement using hydrogen atoms that Branco Weiss Fellow Amar Vutha had initiated as a postdoc (and worked on for eight years since) has shown that there isn’t really any disagreement at all: The proton’s size is 0.84 femtometers, whether measured using electrons or using muons. Case closed.

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