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Following Xavier Dumusque on his search for another Earth

09.03.2016 10:50

Branco Weiss fellow Xavier Dumusque’s research is gaining more and more attention. In Chile, he and a team of international collaborators are currently observing the closest star to the solar system. They want to see if a planet similar to Earth is orbiting around it.

Using a website, blog articles and social media, the researchers are sharing observations and findings with a rising public. On Twitter, there are already more than 1600 people following @Pale_red_dot, and on Facebook, more than 1300 fans are subscribed to the page “Pale Red Dot”.

Xavier Dumusque describes the main challenges he’s focusing on and how he’s going to solve them: “Since 20 years, researchers are aware of the so called sunspot problem, that makes detection difficult.” He is confident that the new techniques he’s currently developing will bring progress.


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