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ERC grant empowers Franziska Glassmeier's research on cloud-climate uncertainty

05.09.2023 11:20

Branco Weiss Fellow Franziska Glassmeier has been selected as a recipient of the European Research Council (ERC) Starting Grant, an integral component of the EU’s Horizon Europe research and innovation initiative. Her project “MesoClou: Unlocking the mesoscale frontier of cloud-climate uncertainty» builds upon her influential prior research. By pioneering a data-driven approach, Dr. Glassmeier aims to revolutionize our comprehension of cloud processes within the mesoscale and to develop a new theoretical framework of these complex systems.

The ERC grant not only elevates Dr. Glassmeier’s work in atmospheric science at TU Delft, Netherlands, but also aligns with the ERC’s mission to support cutting-edge research across Europe, irrespective of nationality or age. In 2022, Starting Grants were endowed with a cumulative budget of 636 million euros, averaging over 1.5 million euros per approved project. Empowered by this grant, Glassmeier continues her research to better quantify the role of clouds in the climate system.

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