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Donation Event on June 1, 2010

20.05.2010 18:27

The faculty of ETH and the University of Zurich (Phil. II) are invited to commemorate the endowment of Society in Science on June 1, 2010 in the Auditorium of the Branco Weiss Information Science Lab.

ETH organizes this event to thank Branco Weiss for his exceptional generosity. The invited speakers will recall the beginning of the fellowship organization, they will also highlight some of the successes of its fellows and unveil a glimpse of future things to come. Among the speakers are the founding president, Prof. Dr. Helga Nowotny, who is today President of the European Research Council, the designated president of Society in Science, Prof. Peter Chen, the current president of the fellowship Prof. Olaf Kübler and one of the current fellows, Dr. Riley Crane.