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Climate Change Denial: A Conversation with Naomi Oreskes

26.12.2016 15:48

Branco Weiss fellow Karim Bschir will meet Naomi Oreskes in the framework of the lecture series “Science and Philosophy” to speak about the overwhelming scientific evidence for climate change and the strong politically motivated opposition that tries to cast doubt on it. Naomi Oreskes plays a leading role in the study of the political and rhetorical mechanisms that drive climate change denial, not only through her academic work but also as renowned public advocate for climate action. The conversation with Dr Oreskes will touch upon the role of science in the conflict with climate change denialism.

The lecture series “Science and Philosophy” aims at establishing and encouraging a dialogue between the humanities and the natural sciences. Topics range from issues in the general philosophy of science to foundational questions in current science and historical and social aspects of science. The lectures are open to the public and accessible to a general audience. The next event takes place on Friday, 13 January 2017 at 17:15.

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