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Annelies Vredeveldt appointed as Associate Professor at VU University Amsterdam

12.11.2018 14:03

VU University Amsterdam, The Netherlands, has appointed Branco Weiss Fellow Annelies Vredeveldt as Associate Professor at the Department of Criminal Law and Criminology. Dr. Vredeveldt has taken up her position on October 1 this year.

Dr. Vredeveldt’s area of expertise is memory in legal settings. She has conducted research on topics like eyewitness memory, investigative interviewing, police reports, face recognition, own-race bias, composite construction, and deception detection. Her current research program on collaboration between eyewitnesses is funded by the Branco Weiss Fellowship.

Last year, Dr. Vredeveldt together with a fellow researcher founded the Amsterdam Laboratory for Legal Psychology (ALLP) at VU University Amsterdam. Lab members at the ALLP conduct research on legal psychological topics including eyewitness memory, testimonial evidence, police reporting, geographical profiling and expert witnesses in court.