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This year’s Rössler Prize goes to Marco Hutter and his robots

27.06.2024 12:40

Branco Weiss Fellow Marco Hutter has been awarded this year’s Rössler Prize, the most highly endowed research award at ETH Zurich. The prize recognizes not only Marco Hutter’s work on mobility and autonomy for AI-controlled motion robots that helped made ETH Zurich a global leader in robotics, but also his role in technology transfer, entrepreneurship, and community initiatives.

The Rössler Prize is an annual sponsorship award for ETH professors in the expansion phase of their research careers and is worth 200,000 Swiss francs. Max Rössler, who had studied mathematics at ETH Zurich and wrote his doctoral dissertation on orbit calculations in space travel, gifted 10 million Swiss francs to the ETH Zurich Foundation in 2008. The interest from this sum forms the Rössler Prize.

“It is a great honour to receive the 2024 Rössler Prize,” says Hutter. “I met Mr Rössler over ten years ago when I was still at the beginning of my research. I never thought that I would one day receive an honour like this one.”

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