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ERC Consolidator Grant awarded to Lisa Genzel for her research on brain knowledge networks

28.05.2024 14:38

Branco Weiss Alumna Lisa Genzel, now a neurobiologist at the renowned Donders Institute of Radboud University, has been selected to receive a Consolidator Grant from the European Research Council (ERC). This grant of up to two million euros will support Dr. Genzel’s research aimed at elucidating the mechanisms underlying the formation and updating of knowledge networks in the human brain.

Dr. Genzel’s current project seeks to address a fundamental yet elusive question: How do we construct and adapt our cognitive maps to navigate the complexities of the world? Drawing on insights from neuroscience, psychology, and behavioral studies, Dr. Genzel and her interdisciplinary team aim to unravel the neural architecture responsible for processing and integrating spatial information. Using behavioral experiments and advanced neuroimaging technologies, they explore how memories, experiences, and environmental cues shape the brain’s network of connections. By understanding how the brain constructs and updates knowledge networks and connections, Dr. Genzel’s work promises to inform educational practices, spatial navigation aids, and interventions for neurological disorders.

The ERC Consolidator Grant is a testament to Dr. Genzel’s commitment to advancing the field of neuroscience and cognition.

To the Grant News on the website of Radboud Universiteit: https://www.ru.nl/en/research/research-news/erc-consolidator-grant-for-research-on-cancer-treatment-knowledge-networks