Pedro Vale

Born in: Portugal
Primary research category: Infection, Ecology and Evolution
Research location / employer: Centre for Immunity, Infection and Evolution, and Institute of Evolutionary Biology, University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Fellowship dates: 2014-2019

Academic Career

  • Group Leader and Chancellor Fellow (tenure-track), School of Biological Sciences, University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom (from Jan 2015).
  • Junior Research Fellow. Wellcome Trust Funded Centre for Immunity, Infection, and Evolution, University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom 2013-present
  • Postdoctoral Research Associate, CEFE-CNRS – Montpellier, France 2010-2012
  • PhD in Evolutionary Ecology of Host-Parasite Interactions, Institute of Evolutionary Biology, University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom 2009
  • GABBA graduate program, University of Porto, Portugal 2004
  • Undergraduate Studies in Biology. University of Évora, Portugal 2004

Fellowship Research

Building on the unique strengths of the fruit fly Drosophila, complimented by quantitative meta-analyses and evolutionary epidemiological modelling, Dr. Pedro Vale shall address three questions that are key to our understanding of the underlying causes of individual variation in host tolerance to viral infection, and the consequences of this variation for viral spread and evolution: (i) what is the genetic basis of variation in the tolerance of viral infection? (ii) does tolerance of infection lead to an increased risk of disease transmission? and (iii) how does tolerance of infection affect viral evolution? This knowledge may be especially useful to inform on the potential long-term consequences of disease control strategies such as anti-virulence drugs that, by reducing disease without eliminating pathogens, are essentially tolerance-boosting therapies.

Major Awards

  • Chancellor Fellowship (tenure-track), University of Edinburgh 2014
  • Scottish Universities Life Science Alliance (SULSA) LEADERS award 2013
  • Wellcome Trust funded CIIE Junior Research Fellowship. Centre for Immunity, Infection, and Evolution University of Edinburgh 2012
  • EMBO short-term research fellowship 2012
  • HFSP short-term research fellowship 2009
  • Graduate program in Areas of Basic and Applied Biology (GABBA / FCT-Portugal) PhD fellowship 2005