Suzanne Devkota

Born in: USA
Primary research category: Medicine, Nutrition
Research location / employer: Cedars Sinai Medical-Center, Los Angeles, USA
Fellowship dates: 2013-2018

Academic Career

  • Director, Cedars-Sinai Human Microbiome Research Institute
  • Associate Professor of Medicine, Cedars-Sinai
  • Associate Professor of Medicine, UCLA
  • Assistant Professor in Residence at University of California-Los Angeles in the David Geffen School of Medicine, 2016-present
  • Assistant Professor in the Department of Medicine and F. Widjaja Inflammatory Bowel and Immunobiology Research Institute, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles, USA 2015-present
  • Post-doctoral Fellowship at Joslin Diabetes Center/Harvard Medical School, USA 2012-2015


  • Doctor of Philosophy in Molecular Metabolism and Nutrition, The University of Chicago, USA 2007-2012
  • Master degree in Nutritional Sciences, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA 2004-2007
  • Bachelor degree in Biology, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA 1999-2003

Fellowship Research

Dr. Suzanne Devkota explores the impact of diet-induced changes, especially dietary fatty acids, on the intestinal microbiota of humans and associated inflammatory and metabolic responses. Her aim is to understand the dynamic relationship between microbes in the gut and the selective pressure our diets place on them. With this she will determine if the possibility exists to re-shape human microbiomes therapeutically through the diet to serve as a real and sustainable approach for future medical care.

Major Awards

  • Invited speaker, Nobel Prize Dialogues “The Future of Food”, Tokyo, Japan 2018
  • Invited speaker, Nobel Prize Dialogues “Toward Health”, Berlin, Germany 2019
  • NIH/NIDDK R01 “Role of microbiota, host genetics, and mesenteric adipose in Crohn’s Disease fibrosis and post-operative recurrence” 2019-2024
  • NIH/NIDDK DP1: Director’s Pioneer Award/Catalyst “Is obesity an infectious disease?: The underappreciate role of bacterial and fungal translocation in visceral adipose expansion.” 2021-2026
  • Harvard Institute for Translational Immunology Grant, 2014
  • Best Dissertation Award, Biological Sciences Division, The University of Chicago, 2013
  • Keystone Symposium scholarship for The Gut Microbiome: Effector/Regulatory Networks, Taos, NM, February 2012
  • Selected short talk, Keystone Symposium, The Gut Microbiome: Effector/Regulatory Networks, Taos, NM, February 2012
  • Medical Nutrition Council- Clinical Emerging Leaders award, 2012
  • American Physiological Society- GI & Liver Section, Takeda Travel Award for top scoring graduate abstract, FASEB Annual Meeting, 2012
  • Member of U.S. delegation to 61st Annual Meeting of Nobel Laureates and Students. Lindau, Germany, June 2011
  • Medical Nutrition Council- Clinical Emerging Leader award, 2011
  • NIH/NCCAM F31 NRSA Pre-doctoral Fellowship, 2010-2012
  • Cargill/American Society for Nutrition Pre-doctoral Fellowship, 2010
  • American Society for Nutrition, Graduate Research Oral Competition winner FASEB Annual Meeting, 2010

Collaborative Projects with other Branco Weiss Fellows