Tanya Latty

Born in: Canada
Primary research category: Behavioural Ecology, Swarm Intelligence
Research location / employer: University of Sydney, Australia
Fellowship dates: 2014-2019

Academic Career

  • Postdoctoral research in collective behaviour, swarm intelligence and behavioural ecology, University of Sydney
  • PhD in Insect Ecology, University of Calgary, Canada 2002- 2008
  • Undergraduate studies in Environmental Science and Biology, Trent University, Canada 1998-2002

Fellowship Research

During this project, Dr Tanya Latty will develop an understanding of how the decentralised infrastructure systems of ants, bees and slime moulds respond to a variety of perturbations including changes in supply/demand, damage to their transportation networks, and the loss of individual units. A combination of experiment and simulation modelling will be used to determine how individual-level behaviours ultimately allow for system-level resilience. The insights gained from studying resilient living systems will inform the development of novel algorithms and control systems for managing human-built infrastructure systems.

Major Awards

  • Australian Research Council Discovery Grant 2014
  • Australian Research Council Postdoctoral Fellowship 2011
  • Natural Science and Engineering Research Council of Canada, Postdoctoral Fellowship 2010
  • Natural Science and Research Council, Canadian Graduate Scholarship-D 2006
  • Alberta Biodiversity Fund 2003